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36 lessons learned by my 36th birthday

I recently celebrated my 36th birthday, so I thought I would share 36 lessons I learned so far in the years I have spent on this earth. I am feeling particularly wise today, so here we go:

1- Regret is a waste of time and energy.

2- A good bra makes all the difference.

3- You don’t need a ton of friends. It is not a competition. All you need are a few good friends.

4- Don’t let life experience change you for the worse. Learn from it, but hold on to your qualities.

5- You can never have enough shoes …

6- … or clothes, or purses, or accessories … until it’s time to move. Just, don’t ever move.

7- Love will cross your path, but if your heart is not receptive to it, it won’t find you.

8- Selfish is not a dirty word. It’s healthy to take care of yourself.

9- Spend as much time with your parents as you can. You never know …

10- … same goes for your loves ones.

11- Own up to your mistakes. Then don’t look back; move on.

12- Embrace what you don’t like about yourself, whether it’s curly hair, freckles, or curves. You do have admirers, no matter what.

13- Spend time outside, as much as possible.

14- Laugh to your heart’s content.

15- Tell people you love that you love them. Often.

16- Go ahead, enjoy that piece of cake already …

17- … but don’t forgo the gym. You only get one body.

18- Learn new skills, whether it’s life skills (swimming, riding a bicycle) or ones just for fun (painting, playing the guitar)

19- Listen to your teachers. Respect them. Thank them. Teaching is not limited to the classroom either.

20- Laugh before you sleep. Every night.

21- Take your vitamins. Wear SPF. Allow daily time for self care.

22- Make major life decisions early on, but be open and flexible. You never know.

23- It is never too late to start over.

24- Don’t be so hard on yourself. You have far more qualities than you give yourself credit for.

25- Nothing happens on your terms, so learn to be patient.

26- Be authentic. Be genuine. You don’t have to please anyone but yourself.

27- Allow yourself to fall. Get up, dust yourself off, and know that the broken bones will heal stronger than before.

28- Don’t ever apologize for crying. You are one of the fortunate ones who are able to feel emotion.

29- Not everyday is going to be exciting. Routine days are when things get done, so embrace them.

30- Good friends are like diamonds: valuable, forever.

31- Find something to be spiritual about, whether it’s a religion or a way of thinking. Your soul needs nurturing just as much as your body.

32- Read. Get lost in a good book.

33- Travel. See the world. Shake hands with people who are nothing like you, then buy them a cup of tea and have a memorable conversation.

34- Lipstick is as necessary as air. It just is.

35- Let go of three things: Judging. Controlling. Being right.

36- Love like there is no tomorrow.

Feel free to add your own life lesson.


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